Why cedar hives

  • Cedar does not absorb moisture from the air in the way other softwoods do. Drier wood feels warmer, is less heat conducive (insulates better) and is less likely to have condensation develop on it.
  • Cedar is lighter weight than other soft woods.
  • Cedar is more weather resistant and stable than other soft woods and does not require the protection of paint. Painting is expensive and time consuming and painted hives trap moisture.
  • Cedar naturally resists attacks from most insects.
  • The bees in our apiary seem to be more attracted to the smell of cedar than other woods. They are constantly climbing around on the shop equipment, scrap piles, and on us when we are working with cedar.
  • Cedar looks very nice in our customers' backyards.
  • The Cedar that we use is rough sawed on one side. The rough side is placed inward and will be propolized by your bees, helping to strengthen the colony's immunity to disease.
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